Pulaski News Gets Exposure on ‘Good Morning, America’

By Jena Socha

Pulaski community members Janet and Eugene Maroszek brought “Where in the World in Pulaski News?” to a new level. During every vacation Janet and Eugene take, they make sure they pack their Pulaski News wherever they go. This time as they traveled to New York for their holiday vacation, they received some unexpected acknowledgements from a few famous figures.

During their Dec. 11-14 vacation, they decided to attend Good Morning America to join in the live audience experience. As Mr. Kelly went around to cheer the crowd up before the news began, he noticed a familiar item and stopped to take a look.

“He [Mr. Kelly] saw us carrying a newspaper and came over to tease us that Wisconsin people (Eugene had a Green Bay Packer shirt on) came to a morning news show and didn’t think there would be enough news so we had to bring our own,” said Janet Maroszek.

She later went on to describe to him that Pulaski News is the longest student-run newspaper in the nation and how it includes a segment called “Where in the World is Pulaski News?”

“They thought it was pretty neat,” she stated.

After she described the process to Mr. Kelly, “He had us lay on the floor in front of the news desk to get a really fun picture,” she added. As the second half of the show started to begin, Mr. Kelly mentioned the segment in Pulaski News to Good Morning America Broadcaster Robin Roberts.



“She is a really nice lady and loved the little bit of history about our Pulaski News and the students. She said tell them to keep up the good work,” said Maroszek. After their conversation with Roberts, both of them got a picture with her to add to “Where in the World is Pulaski News?”

Not only did they get to meet and interact with the famous faces of Roberts and Kelly, but the couple also had the ability to interact with another famous New York face.

“Eugene and I were sitting and eating dinner in a restaurant and there was no one else in the restaurant and Randy came in and sat a few tables away from us,” Mrs. Maroszek stated. Television presenter and fashion designer Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress was simultaneously eating lunch just as Mrs. and Mr. Maroszek were.

“We talked to him for a little while. He is a very nice man. He told us about his dog and that he has a brother that lives in La Crosse and about just finishing up taping and stopped in for a quick bite,” she stated.

Other than meeting the famous faces from Good Morning America and Say Yes to the Dress, they also traveled around New York to attend other events to fill their vacation.

“We went for a carriage ride in Central Park to see the Rockettes do their Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall, and of course, the Big Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center, and the light show on Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s,” stated Maroszek.

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