Looking back: July 19, 2018





Brooke Basten won the 2008 Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Award, winning a $7,500 scholarship and an exclusive trip to a Disney World Resort. 

Amy Wright and the middle school students took Seussical the musical on the road to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee and the American Family Children’s Hospital of Madison. 


The Glenbrook PTA found a new way to fundraise with the first ever soda fundraiser. They worked with the Coca-Cola Bottling Company for a Truckload Sale and raised over $1300 in profit. 

ABVM seventh grader Angela Tisch was awarded first place in the 23rd Annual Classical Festival where she played classical music by memory, took a written theory test and played scales for judges. 


Thirty Pulaski students and chaperones returned from France after spending 22 days immersed in the culture. 

Betty Cheslock from Nashville, Tennessee, brought nationwide attention to Polka Days as three days of Polka Days were broadcasted on cable TV. 


Governor Schreiber of Wisconsin came to visit the Pulaski State Bank with Representative Cletus Vanderperren. 

On June 19 to July 27, kids ages 4 to 18 were involved in the PASS summer school program. PASS stands for physical, artistic and social skills. The students all did activities to develop these skills while having fun. 


Mrs. Thomas Ford was awarded a $100 first prize in the Starlight Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for singing two songs dedicated as a memorial to America’s assassinated leaders. 

A total of 77 new homes were built in the Pulaski School District between April 1, 1966 to July 17, 1968. 


Lucian Krawczyk and S. A. Janson started construction on July 24 for the new Red Owl Supermarket. The building is located on the corner of Flora and Pulaski Street and was 70 feet by 90 feet. 

The Packers started training again on July 26 for the season with quarterbacks Bart Starr, Babe Parilli, Doug Maison and Joe Francis. Coach “Scooter” McLean led the team of 34 veterans from the previous year and the rest being rookies trying to make it in the big leagues.