Looking Back, Aug. 30, 2018




● The Pulaski High School Marching Band is preparing it’s mesmerizing field show for this upcoming football season. After marching the streets of Philadelphia for the Independence Day Parade, the band is back in action prepping at their annual Band Camp. 

● Erik Johnson, or better known as “EJ” by most of the students at PHS, is gearing up for his senior season of cross country. Johnson, who was on varsity since his sophomore year, has high hopes for this season. He hopes to set a new personal record somewhere in the 16:00’s and make to state. 


● Pulaski graduate, Alison Struve, said goodbye to News Channel 7 and, on July 7, 2008, started her new job at FOX 11’s Good Day Wisconsin in her hometown of Green Bay. 

● The Shawano County Holstein Association Twilight Meeting was held at the farm of Wayne and Connie Nischke. This was the first gathering in over three years. There were cow judging contests, auctions and prizes awarded throughout the night. 

● The Bash of the Century is finally here on August 23 at the Pulaski Polka Grounds. Country fans are in luck as the fun begins with an antique tractor parade. 


● The construction of the new Pulaski High School is off to a great start. The crews of Ken Ziemer’s Miron Construction have battled the weather throughout the summer, but are right on schedule. 

● Jessica Peters and Shannon Dittman, sophomores at Pulaski High School, play on the Athlete’s Foot Select softball team. Their team recently competed at the Badger State games and recieved medals, earning them a trip to the National Tournament in Houston, Texas. 

● The Pulaski FFA seniors ventured into the Canadian wilderness for a week long Canadian fishing trip. The five seniors stayed in the Dog Lake Resort in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 


● Five company demonstrator Carver boats departed from Lakeside Marina for the fourth annual Carver Cruise down the waters of Green Bay and under Tower Drive. 

● Doris Vincent has been named the new principal at ABVM. She started her career teaching, and is ready to take on the role of principal and maintain the franciscan spirit. 

● For the third time in four years, the Pulaski pom squad earned All-American Status from the National Cheerleading Association. 


● An organizational meeting will be held for a Color Guard. It will compromise of 12 flags, four rifles and four Honor Guard members. The Color Guard will perform with the Pulaski High School marching band. 

● A First Aid course will be offered this fall at Pulaski High School for students to learn how to help or even save someone’s life in a case of emergency. 

● Cadette troop 246 took a trip to Mackinac Island and K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base. They camped out in Gladstone, Michigan where they enjoyed swimming, boating and cooking out. 

● K.C. held their ninth Annual Professional Rodeo in Pulaski. 


● The Girl’s Softball League held their Annual Mother Daughter Game on August 8 which followed the All-Star Game. 

● Driver’s Education is very important. The Summer Program of Driver’s Education is taught by Mr. Donald Bryson and Mr. Fred Kestly. 

● The Birch Creek Farm staged their second annual Horse Show co-sponsored by the Green Bay Downtown Lion’s Club. 


● The new Pulaski Village Hall is just about complete. The only things needed to be finished are the sidewalks and landscaping. 

● The language that is heard in the cucumber fields is not always English. Nearly 100 Texans of Spanish ancestry are helping the farmers in the Krakow area harvest their cucumber crops. These family groups leave Texas each spring and summer to help farmers in Wisconsin. 

● Laney Cheese Factory disposed of South Chase Bar and Fakan’s Cheese Factory to take the second half Pulaski Softball League championship. Fakans had defeated Rudy’s Bar to gain the Saturday playoff. 

● Wisconsin becomes the golf capital of the nation on August 7 after hosting the game’s greatest stars at the Tripoli Golf Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as they try to seek their fortunes in the fourth Miller Open.