Looking Back, Sept. 27, 2018




Pulaski High School junior, Jessika Rottier, took second in the Pan American competition in Columbia, South America. She competed against women from all over the world in her weight class. The U.S. women’s freestyle team edged Columbia by three points to win the 2013 Pan-Am Wrestling Championship title. 

The Hofa Park Panthers won the Dairyland League championship after defeating the Hortonville Stars 11-5. 


The Emerald Ash Borer also known as the EAB was first found in Michigan during the summer of 2002 and it is now coming our way. The EAB destroys ash trees, firewood, nursery stock, wood chips, etc. and leaves its mark every time with “D” shaped holes and “S” shaped galleries. It has been identified in Southeastern Wisconsin as of Aug. 1. 

Superintendent Mel Lightner awarded district retirees Jim Brawner and John Wigman with awards for the great service they have done for the Pulaski Community School District. Lightner dedicated the PACE conference room to Brawner and the Administrative conference room to Wigman for all of the community members to recognize their hard work and dedication. 

Genmar Yacht Group was recognized and awarded. Starting with just wooden boats in 1954, Genmar Yacht has come a long way with their technology of boats to become a “chemical company.” 


Super Ron’s Food, Inc., celebrated the groundbreaking of their new store on Aug. 18. The 32,000-square-foot project is led by Schuh Construction and plans to be finished by mid-January 1999. Owners John and Mary Ullmer are excited to start their new business. 

Driving on highway 160 will never be the same again as a 3.5- mile stretch has been renamed to “Polish Veterans Memorial Highway” in honor of the 3 million Polish Americans who served in our wars. 

As Pulaski is in the process of building a new state-of-the-art high school, local businesses have made donations for new scoreboards for the athletics. Red Raider Booster Club president, Jerry Bannon, says their progress is off to a great start. 



The World’s most popular sport has come to Pulaski! Organizers of Pulaski High School’s new soccer club, Marge Swelstad and Phil Fleigle, are excited about the upcoming year. The club will maintain a membership of 25 players. 

Vince Bauldry’s daily routine for the last 41 years has been printing the Green Bay Press-Gazette, but he also has another job. Bauldry is a licensed bluebird bander since 1966. He has recently surpassed his goal of banding 600 bluebirds. 

The Wisconsin State Spinners held their 13th-annual Spin-in Convention at Pulaski High School on Sept. 17. There were fibers and equipment sold, speakers, demonstrators and a panel of spinners. 


This fall at PHS, Adult Education classes offer new opportunities and experiences. Various new courses will be introduced, but old favorites are also still there. 

A new elementary school is being built in the town of Sobieski. Progress is going well, and everyone is excited for the school to be ready. 

Greg Woosencraft’s hard work has allowed him to battle his way into the National Freestyle tournament for wrestling. 


On Sept. 10, the Lion’s Club held a meeting to discuss the purchasing of an ambulance for the area. The vehicle is to be purchased from Soulek Funeral Home and $4,500 is the price set by them. 

The Pulaski Public Library is now open! It is located at the east end of the old main building in the back of the Weilgus Bakery parking lot. There are about 1,500 books to choose from. 

The Pulaski Cub Scouts were recently at the Brown County Arena. They marched with flags that scouts represent, set up a booth representing the past civilizations and wilderness and displayed many “artifacts” such as tools and arrowheads that they made themselves. 


Pulaski is back to normal as school is back in session with 613 students enrolled. There are 146 freshman, 173 sophomores, 148 juniors and 146 seniors. PHS principal F. X. Joswick reported that space is a little crowded at the High School, but with the addition of 10 new rooms coming, things will even out. 

Goska Shoe Store in Pulaski, Wisconsin, has new gym and basketball shoes for the new school year. As always, they have shoes for the entire family and clothes for the men and boys. 

Children under 16 may not harvest crops during the school hours according to the new act: Fair Labor Standards Act.