Looking back, 10-25-18




Oct. 2, public speaker Bob Lenz delivered a “Be the Change” speech to Pulaski High School and Pulaski Community Middle School students. The high school’s Diversity Club suggested he visit, and Lenz delivered a powerful message to his listeners to make smart choices in their lives. Kate Button, a member of the Diversity Club, said, “Having Bob Lenz speak at Pulaski was a wonderful chance for everyone to realize how important choices are; choices have the power to affect everyone, and that is valuable knowledge to have.” 


Pulaski resident Angie Borowski was presented with the autumn “Our Town” award, sponsored by Marnocha Funeral Home for her years of volunteer service in the Pulaski community. Borowski was 30-year member of the Tri-County Rescue Squad and a regular volunteer at her church, Assumption B.V.M. Parish. 


Around 150 guests attended a one hour ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Highway 29 expansion Oct. 11. Bishop Maida blessed the new roadway, and Representative Cletus Vanderperren cut the ribbon with a six-foot scissors. 


Oct. 7, the new Pulaski High School debate team, coached by PHS math teacher Mr. Baard, competed in its first meet. On the affirmative side were Pam Clark and Pam Redline, and the negative side consisted of Doug Wolak and Troy Thompson. Clark received the speaker award at the meet. 


The first Parents’ Day was celebrated at Oct. 26 for the last Pulaski High School varsity football game of the season. Parents of the players were introduced at the game, and the boys’ mothers received a corsage. Senior student Jeff Banaszynski’s mother, Mrs. Eugene Banaszynski, said, “I think it’s a wonderful gesture on the part of the school.” 


The Pulaski merchants sponsored the Saturday Kiddie movie party at the Pulaski Theatre. Carl Jocius won the title King for the Day. In second place for the competition was Linda Glowinski, followed by polka dance winners Kathleen and Susan Mroczynski. 

Pulaski High School freshmen artists Nancy Du Chateau, Leonard Grygiel, Ronald Haws, Norbert Holewinski, Karen Kurtz, Kathy Nelson and Diane Shipley spent several weeks learning how to letter correctly and decorating football posters. As a class project, the students also made mosaic tiles and coasters.