Fourth-graders learn about Casimir Pulaski

Fourth-graders learn about Casimir Pulaski

To celebrate Casimir Pulaski Week at the beginning of March, the Pulaski Area Historical hosted fourth graders from all the elementary schools to visit the museum and learn the history of Casimir Pulaski. 

Twelve classes coming from Lannoye, Glenbrook, Assumption BVM, Sunnyside and Fairview elementary schools, each spent about an hour at PAHS. First, Rock Mannigel gave the students a lesson on the history of Casimir Pulaski’s life and how the Village of Pulaski came to be. “I learned that we got our name ‘Pulaski’ from John Hof today,” said Jonah Drevs, a fourth grader from Glenbrook. 

After the lesson, the students explored the museum and even got to play with some of the artifacts. The students gravitated towards the kitchen room, where they could play with the old-time dishes and kitchen utensils. Drevs said, “I like the Casimir Pulaski statue, the kitchen, and all the mannequins.” They also really enjoyed all of the interactive objects like the the typewriters, the piano and the morse code copier. The students also found the religious room and the army room interesting, too. Ben Marsh, a fourth grader from Glenbrook, said, “I really like the army badges and the photos in the military room. Those were really cool.” 

Casimir Pulaski week also brought other successful events like Casimir Pulaski showing up at Dairy Queen on March 6, and Mannigel giving a presentation to the middle school as well as another at the senior center with polka music. 

Casimir Pulaski Week brought many new educational experiences for community members, and brought the community a little closer to their roots of Pulaski.