Technology: What PCSD parents should know

Technology: What PCSD parents should know



As the school year approaches and students are back to using their district-issued iPads, Amy Uelmen, the district’s Instructional Technology coordinator, has some information she would like every parent to know and understand.


With the 1:1, students in grades 6-12 get their own iPad that they get to take home and grades 4-5 get their own iPad that stays in the classroom. K-3 have iPads in the classroom but not one for every student. For K-3, last year every four students shared an iPad. However, this year the amount of iPads for every student will increase. K-1 will have an iPad for every three students and 2-3 will have one for every two.


Last year, 3,000 iPads were issued to district students. Kindergarten through third grade received iPad Air 2. Fourth- and fifth-grade students received the iPad New 5th Generation. Grades seven through 10 students received an iPad Air 2 and lastly, grades 11 and 12 received the iPad Air. You can see the total number distributed for each grade below. 


“Something parents should be aware of going into the new school year is that they are able to purchase insurance for their child's iPad. Last year, it cost $35 per student, but this year it has been reduced to $30 per student because our Pulaski students are taking such good care of their devices,” explains Uelmen.


There’s always a concern about kids being on devices too much. Every parent worries about that, but Uelmen and teachers in the district believe in balance, “We encourage the use of technology when it benefits learning, but we also want to see students writing, talking face-to-face and being hands-on in their learning here at Pulaski. We don’t want them to be buried in their device all the time,” Uelmen adds.


Every application that goes onto your child’s device has been requested by students and staff and approved for age appropriateness and its value to the curriculum by the Pulaski Community School District. They don’t approve games or chats, just apps that will improve your child’s educational experiences.


Uelmen adds her thoughts on the iPad use at home, “We encourage students to use the devices at home for school, but we also want parents to be involved with them as well. It’s advantageous that the iPads go home because then parents can actually see what the students are doing, see what they are creating and have conversations about learning.”


Total number of iPads per grade

Kindergarten:  83

First grade: 78

Second grade: 130

Third grade: 125

Fourth grade: 262

Fifth grade: 298

Sixth grade: 254

Seventh grade: 292

Eighth grade: 285

Freshman: 269

Sophomores: 282

Juniors: 270

Seniors: 256